3 Costly Mistakes to Watch Out for When Renting a Boom Truck

Often people at the construction site go mad hunting for the correct boom truck for sale. However, what most people are unaware of is, these trucks can easily be rented when it comes to dealing with short or long term construction projects.

Now, while the cost of a boom truck might make your hair turn grey, renting is undoubtedly cheaper. But, though cheap, renting can also add on to the budget of your construction. Luckily with a few careful tips and common mistakes to avoid, this problem can be tackled effectively.boom truck

This Blog Will Show You How:

Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Not Having a Lift Plan

Not having a lift plan, can often make a crane rental extra costly. A life plan includes the goals of your life operator, the number of present workers on site, notifies where your truck will be parked etc.

Having this plan also includes, understanding details of the crane, like the radius and angle of its boom, its current operation, its capacity and understanding the crane’s load lifting ability.

This plan will help you determine the type of crane to invest in. Furthermore, it’ll save you the worry of looking out for a cheap boom truck for sale.

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  1. Renting at the Last Minute

If you’ve previously looked into a boom truck for sale, you already know how costly equipment is when it comes to these crane trucks. So, if you suddenly decide to rent a truck at the last minute it can firstly lead to incurring extra equipment cost while leading to several inconveniences like delaying of a project.

Hence, always opt for renting in advance as it’ll incur the following perks:

  • You can align your project with normal work hours, thus you can guarantee the assurance of your crane operator’s availability.
  • Help you determine weather conditions and plan your construction project in accordance.
  • Prevent crane companies from being reluctant to rent you a crane in case of inclement weather conditions.
  • Help determine and analyze crane safety when it comes to working on your construction site.
  1. Getting the Wrong Crane

One common mistake most people make while looking for a boom truck for sale or rental is getting the wrong size. Hence, before opting for your boom truck rental, first, notify your contractor on the type of load the crane is required to carry. If you’re unable to perceive the type of load then notify the rental on the nature of your project.

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Most boom truck rentals are well versed with types of construction projects and the required cranes needed.

To make the work easier for your rental, also provide information like the weight of the load, number, and frequency of weight lifted, availability of space to set crane up, types of weight to be lifted etc.

Well, there you go, if you avoid these 3 mistakes you can easily opt for a boom truck rental at a cheaper rate. Now, don’t worry over finding a boom truck for sale, and simply look for a trusted rental company to satisfy your construction needs. Good Luck!

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  1. Vivian Black

    You made a great point about renting at the last minute and how you talked about renting at the last minute and how it can be costly in finding the perfect one for your situation. My husband works for a construction company based in Jacksonville, FL and was put in charge of getting the crane truck rented. I will pass these tips on to him as he searches for a professional to fulfill their needs.

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