Chamber Benefits

Chamber Benefits
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The Chester Municipal Chamber of Commerce a non-profit organization made up of local businesses, professionals and community groups. These groups work together to ensure a healthy economic base and positive social economic structure for the benefit of businesses and residents in the Chester and Area.

Currently, we are proud to have the support of over 200 members from the Chester are surrounding areas..

Being a member of the Chester Municipal Chamber of Commerce provides you, your business and your employees with the opportunity to be part of a collective voice, and also opens the door to new business opportunities through our extensive network of member businesses and contacts.

Annual membership fees are payable on January 1st, each year.

A comprehensive New Member Package is available in PDF. Membership dues are dependent upon the number of people involved in the business and are pro-rated relative to your time of joining.

As a member of the Chamber you can gain access to many benefit programs that can save you or your company money, recovering the cost of your membership many times over just by taking advantage of them.

Membership Benefits

The Chamber receives no government funding and operates as a business much like you do. Membership dues and fundraising activities support our various programs and initiatives while volunteer efforts of members through committees and the Board of Directors establish and carry out our mandate.