Keep Your Car New With These Steps

It can be unanimously agreed upon that one of the better qualities of contemporary cars is that these machines require less frequent service to keep them running. If you are looking to rent cars then Toronto car rental is there amongst others.

But no matter the car, there are some checks and changes you can carry out to ensure that your car remains in top shape:

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Check up on the Engine Oil

You can honestly opt to do it with on a regular basis or on a monthly basis. Make sure that the vehicle is parked on a ground level so that the dipstick reading is accurate.

Check the Tire Air Pressure

Use an tire pressure gauge atleast once a month to check the inflation pressure of each tire when it is cold and has not been driven for more than a couple of hours, also this includes the spare.

Wash the Vehicle

If possible, wash your Toronto car rental every week- wash the body, the fender Wells, undercarriage and such.

Replace the Drive Belts, Hoses and Timing belt

For the belts and hoses stick to doing it every couple of years. For the timing belt, stick to the interval recommended by the manufacturer- generally with every 60,000 to 80,000 miles.

Check up on the Air Filter

Remove the air filter and then hold it up to strong light. Now, if you can’t see light then replace it.

Check up on the Constant-Velocity-Joint Boots

Present on the front wheels, these rubber boots also known as CV boots are there on the drive axles. So if you find that they are cracked, cut or leaking then replace them.

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Look at the Brakes

Check brakes atleast twice a year and if you can look after your own brake work then remove all the wheels and thoroughly examine the brake system. Make sure to replace worn lining, pads, rotors, drums and such.

Check up on the Fluids

If you have a Toronto car rental where the automatic transmission isn’t sealed then check for its dipstick by keeping the engine running. Also check on the power steering pump dipstick.

Inspect the Exhaust System

Go under the car and look for rusted exhaust parts which might need to be replaced. While under there tighten loose clamps as well.

Clean up the Radiator and check the battery

Remove debris and wash the outside of a radiator with a soft brush and detergent solution to prevent overheating. While at it, also inspect the battery’s terminals, fluid level as well as cables to ensure that no corrosion has taken place and that they are securely attached.

Drain and Flush the Cooling System and change the Automatic-Transmission Fluid

Now, the first part honestly is a hassel with the antifreeze so it is advisable to just let a shop do it. In regards to the Automatic-Transmission Fluid, check the owner’s manual to see when you need to replace the fuel.

No matter what replacement or changes you are doing alone, make sure to consult the owners manual at every step.

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